The first bead bag is complete!

Well, it's not really a bag. It will come in a nice little kit :)

I didn't include the large rose quartz or citrine or chunky beads. They didn't fit into the general feeling of this kit (I think chunky beads will be in kit #3). The Tiger Eye cylinders are the *same* ones that were photographed on the previous page, the lighting plays trics from a distance.

Check the Forums for more information on ordering!

The first kit is complete. As of March 24, 2003, there are 4-5 kits left. When gone, they are gone!! Loads of rare stuff in the kit!

From the left to the right, you will get:

If you want a 3rd matching or contrasting Kunzite bead, you can request that, instead of the peach adventurine and the gem strands (everything to the right of the kunzite).

Price out what it would cost to acquire these beads -- either wholesale or retail, in in either singles or full strands, and you'll this is a great deal! The tiger eye beads are of a quality that simply is *NOT* available! You will not find those A+++ cylinders anywhere!


Next month, faceted tanzanite and matching accents!

Next kit, the May kit (The above kit will be March/April), will be smaller stones of higher intrinsic value.

It will include some tanzanite beads, one centerpiece drop bead and smaller chip and/or faceted minis to go with it. The rest of the kit will perhaps concentrate on smaller round stones with a banded pattern -- malachite, rhodochrosite and botswana agates. There are a maximum of 3 more spaces for this kit club selection. Depending on how it goes, I might have tiny moon stone and labradorite beads to go with, along with small kyanite chips. These are all reflective/electric type stones, and would look awesome with each other, perhaps spaced with clear crystals, or pale crystals. If you are interested, contact me through