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Embellishing With Beads
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Embellishing With Beads
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List Price: $27.95
Our Price: $27.95

Welcome to our new site "" and it's companion site !!


Long time, No update
It's been awhile, but we've been working hard on the shop. Loads of new beads, new findings, and new materials. .... Read Full Story... ]
Bracelet Strands are Here!
Bracelet strands -- approx. 6" strands of beads, perfect for bracelets, earrings, and smaller projects have arrived! .... Read Full Story... ]
New Crystals & Glass Beads
Over $6000 retail inventory of ALL-NEW glass & crystal beads! Great Discounts on all purchases! .... Read Full Story... ]
How can I entertain 10 kids....
The answer to this dreaded question is really easy! Throw a bead party, impromptu or planned! .... Read Full Story... ]
New stuff and things!
Visitors to our shop know how much has changed in recent months, but on-line, we have been adding sites in all areas, and working on a new Kids network, mostly aimed at the 'tweens. .... Read Full Story... ]

The Bead Exchange: Does the size of your bead stash keep you from buying new beads? Do you dread opening your beading cases because all you see are the same old beads? Well, we have the solution. Exchange your tired, old, unloved beads, for fresh, new exciting beads, and rekindle your love of beading!

Bead Mine - Bead Mining This is a bit different than our bead mine, but it's a great idea to mix beads, mining, and gemstones into one lesson! Bird Seed Mining You'll need the free acrobat reader plugin to view this.

For the very best in domain names, and Internet Real Easte, check out our sponsor:

This is the newest in the PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. network, and the main site for our bead, jewelry and supplies catalog.

Our retail shop is open!

It's located in Squirrel Hill at:

5802 Douglas St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 420-1020

1pm - 8pm Tues-Sat.
Noon-3pm Sunday
Closed Monday.

NEW!!  Take a tour of our shop!

You can start a discussion at our new Forum site, It's going to be a great place to meet new friends, get help, and share experiences.

Contact us with any questions.

You can start a discussion at our new Forum site, It's going to be a great place to meet new friends, get help, and share experiences. You can also check our Announcements or sign up for our Newsletter to keep you up to date on changes to the site, and additions to our shop.

We've added over 170 books to the Reference->Books area. You can purchase direct from Amazon. More features for managing and viewing the area are coming. Check the Forum for more, and all the other announcements.

Check out our Bali Sterling Silver Club -- Pittsburgh area only!

PUGDOG's® Rock & Bead Shop: Where your beading experience is just BETTER!

  About Our Shop (6)
Bonus & Loyalty Programs,
Products We Carry,
PUGDOGs Rock & Bead Shop, A growing list of what we carry - a fraction of what is in our shop.
  About this Site (7)
Information about this site, and our shop in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.
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Artists and Artisans,
Bead Shops,
Designer Jewelry,
Forums - Bead Shop Run,
Personal Sites,
Retail Jewelry
Links to other beading sites on the net.
  Bead of the Month Club (5)
We have a new bead of the month club "Monthly Bead Bag". Links and information will be posted here, discussions are in the Forum
  Bead Parties (0)
Party boxes, instructors, classes, group instruction, and much more!
  Beading Information (0)
Visit for all sorts of beading info!
  Class Schedules (2)
We are starting up a class schedule, and have a full-time classroom area set up.
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Gallery of our Jewelry Designs and one-of-a-kind gift items.
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Books and Publications,
Conversion Charts,
Magazine Subscriptions,
Pony Bead Patterns,
Safety Pin Jewelry
Books and other printed materials for your library.
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This cart is "Live", and can take orders. We are still working out some bugs so please don't use it unless you are understanding small problems may occur but will be handled.
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Shows we've attended, or which we will attend. We don't do many, and we do only local shows.
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3) NEW!!  Take a tour of our NEWest SPACE!
2) Our November 2002 renovation!
1) Our Original space!


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