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Sterling Silver Club

This is our new Sterling Silver Club, where you can purchase silver at wholesale prices, then pick it up as you need it. This is an IN STORE 'burgh thing ONLY!

Do you use a lot of sterling silver, but need small amounts of a lot of different items?

Do you use a lot of silver, but can't plan ahead, and never seem to qualify for any of the really good pricing?

If so, and you live in and around Pittsburgh, and can come in to pick up your silver, we have a plan for you!

We sell our sterling by weight, either manufacturer's average or by balance-beam scale. From our point of view, silver is silver is silver. Number of pieces, or what pieces, really doon't matter (except for a few by-the-each priced items).

Since we can throw 10 grams of mixed beads on a scale as easily as we can put 1 kilo, (actually easier ) we can pass the savings on to you.

The program works because:

  1. You pre-pay in a wholesale amount, so we can go out and buy more sterling at our wholesale rates.
  2. YOU provide all the labor in picking and sorting out the beads you want.
  3. You save money, because you trade off your labor, in exchange for getting the bulk price.

Because the key here is YOU provide the labor, it's an in-store, 'burg thing ONLY. No exceptions! (well.... once we go live, and can put a catalog on-line, we'll provide bulk pricing like everyone else, but it still won't be nearly as good as we can provide to our in-store customers! Sorry!)

To make things simple, we have the club set up by the gram, NOT by dollars. you buy nn-GRAMS of silver. Unfortunately at this point, we can't accept Tax-Exempt orders on-line. We need a copy of your certificate on-file for PA sales.

March 17th, 2004: A price increase was passed along to us on the 12th. We've updated the prices to reflect the new higher costs. (This is why certificates are issued in grams, not dollars -- so you lock in your lower price!)

May 21st, 2004: The price increase was higher than expected. Discount schedule was modified slightly. Prices are a bit higher, but the discounts kick in earlier on smaller amounts. It's the best we can do in troubled times.

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