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Better Beads News Article: New stuff and things!  

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New stuff and things!

Add Date: 16-12-2004


Visitors to our shop know how much has changed in recent months, but on-line, we have been adding sites in all areas, and working on a new Kids network, mostly aimed at the 'tweens.

"Tweens" are that in-between age, not babies, but not adults. Teen-aged, but not what we remember as "teen agers". Lot's of stresses and pressures, and questions and uncertainties at these ages, but also *less* things to do. Society has become so litiginous, politically correct, and tight a**ed, that there are no kid-safe (or even just "kid") hangouts any more. Nothing, and no place for these 'tweens to group.

They "hang out" in malls, and other public places, that encourage spending, and potentially open them to unsafe situations. On-line they IM' each other, visit chat rooms or forums, and many do so in an unmoderated environment. As a long-time on-line operator, (decades), we've seen the changes, the good, the bad and the really, really ugly.

We've wanted to create a kid-safe hang out in our area, but funding, liability, and other real world considerations have prevented it. We find a space, but have no funds to open it. We have a potential space now, but no funds to take it over.

So, we try to create such places on-line. While they don't replace the real-world hangouts, they can maybe do a little to help. Also, they are targeted to the homeschoolers, who need various resources for completion criteria, and to the girl and boy scouts for various badge completions.

We have a number of sites for children, and our shop itself is geared to kids of all ages, with beads and crafts for everyone. is a site we host, and are co-developing. We need editors to help migrate the old pages into the new pages. is going to be the central spot for this network, which will have a kid-safe webmail, crafts and activities targeted to kids, and a number of educational resource sites and animal/pet care sites.

Things will come on-line over the next few months, but if you'd like to get involved, please contact us.

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