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Better Beads News Article: How can I entertain 10 kids....  

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How can I entertain 10 kids....

Add Date: 2004-12-21

Article: How can you entertain a group of kids that has seen it all, done it all, and knows it all (all by the age of 10 or 12)? Give them something they can be creative with, think they are really cool, express their individuality (while working in a group) and just have some plain old fun! Throw a bead party! You can store the materials for an impromptu party in a shoe box. A planned party doesn't take much more. It can be a back up when the weather doesn't cooperate, and everyone has the blues. It's amazing how a box of beads, and some string, can put smile on even the most disappointed and grumpy of faces (including Mom's!) We've been to parties where people were given a gold fish. Isn't it better to give them something to take home that is really useful, creative, and isn't alive? It can still be gold, or silver, or shaped like a fish, but it doesn't need a bowl of water and daily care and feeding. You can create your own kits, or we can do it for you. Per-child costs can be as low as $1-2 for a simple project, or up to $10-12 for a pair of sterling and swarovski silver earrings. Average stringing projects are $5-6 for something that is REAL jewelry, and something they can wear and be proud of.

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