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Better Beads News Article: New Crystals & Glass Beads  

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New Crystals & Glass Beads

Add Date: 15-04-2005

Article: We have just gotten in that preview shipment of glass/crystal beads.

We really want, and need your opinions on them!

To be honest, the bicones are not Swarovski, but they are pretty nice, and for example, 100 2mm beads are marked 10.00 retail. That's .10 each. If we decide to carry these beads, we'll be offering them at 20% off retail, in general, which would make them $8 per strand, or 0.08 each. Since strands are 100 beads, you can afford to get 10 or more colors, for about the same outlay as a single bulk color of Swarovski.

That seems to be the real benefit -- smaller, affordable units, that allow you to get a wider range of colors for the same outlay.

But, these are not the real gems! The real gems are the other beads in colors and shapes and sizes, for way below craft store prices. Too many to describe, so we'll try to get photos on-line, but we've been telling people about these beads for a week now, and expect them to go fast.

We want to know what you think about these beads, and to do that, you need to come by, and take a look at them.

So, for the rest of the week, through Saturday (or as long as the beads last) we'll be offering them 1st come, 1st serve at up to 40% off retail. (20% off for $20 or less, 30% off for $40 or less, and 40% off for over $40)

We have limited supply of these beads, so come early to see the full selection.

Wholesale customers will get 50% off with a $50 minimum purchase.

We really want to know what you think, and if we should carry these items. Should we not carry the cut bicones, and stick only with Swarovski? Should we carry the other shapes and sizes, and more colors? Stop by, and let us know!

This is exciting for us, since it's the largest new shipment of glass (non-gemstone) beads we've ever gotten in at one time. The potential here is great -- but we need to know what you think!

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