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Better Beads News Article: Bracelet Strands are Here!  

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Bracelet Strands are Here!

Add Date: 20-06-2005


Bracelet strands -- approx. 6" strands of beads, perfect for bracelets, earrings, and smaller projects have arrived!

Due to popular requests, we have begun making shorter strands of many of our beads -- especially the glass and chunky gemstones.

We call these shorter strands "Bracelet Strands TM"

They are approximately half the cost of the full sized strands, and regular discounts apply.

The average strand just needs a clasp,and an accent bead or two to make a full 7.5" bracelet. Many of our younger customers with the most limited budgets, also have smaller wrists, and find the 6" of beads + clasp is often more than enough.

The big advantage is that there are no extra beads, no wasted money, and your money literally goes twice as far.

They have been brisk sellers the past week or so, and we are seeing a HUGE amount of very excited repeat customers! We will be cutting up many of the lower end gemstone strands, as well as almost all our "cherry quartz", many of our shell and chips, and even some of the fancier strands. (I cut up some strands of Ocean Jasper and Indian Jaspers this weekend.)

We'll have more information on them, and some examples, at hopefully later on this week.

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