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This is the main entry to our shop. I feel like Dr Who, when people enter his Tardis, because when people enter our shop, they often exclaim "It's Huge!" (They really do, and it's hard to not laugh at their amazement, it's so cute!). From the outside, they can't tell we are not the "standard" 20 foot x 30 or 40 foot storefront so common around here.

What you can't see is the rock pit to the left, and the first bead table to the right. I had to stand between them to capture a piece of the back room, since you can't see it until you enter the shop at least 4-5 feet.

As you can see, the Men In Black are protecting the front desk from alien intruders, and just about every inch of surface area is used for display. I have about 80,000 (more?) non-sports cards (SciFi, Movie, Comics, etc) that are not even planned for display in the shop, until we open up the entire back area!

We have a total of 3000+ square feet available, of which only about 1,000 is being used at the moment. I hope to open up another 600 square feet by the end of summer for work stations, and additional bead tables and display. (that would be an area to the right of the picture, and which would probably let people see the back room from the door).

800 Squre feet is used for storage, inventory etc..

That leaves about 700 squre feet for "discretionary" use as we grow.

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